The LineUp at Wai Kai is an exciting social and recreational hub headlined by the Wai Kai Wave – a 100-foot-wide standing surf wave, along with water-based activities on the adjacent 52-acre recreational lagoon, a restaurant, café and unique retail. Wai Kai Wave is a surf destination for locals and visitors, and for surf competitions. It was created by citywave® in partnership with Shane Beschen (a partner in The LineUp at Wai Kai’s operating company), X Games Gold Medalist and former world #2 ranked surfer. The LineUp is managed by Surf Park Management.

girl carves back turn on standing wave

Wai Kai Wave

  • A deep-water standing surf wave that spans 100-feet wide with perfect endless and adjustable glassy waves of 2-feet to head-high, for all skill levels using standard surf boards with fins allowing for carving turns and top-to-bottom surfing.
  • citywave® technology emulates famous natural standing waves like the Oahu North Shore’s famous Waimea River Sand Bar or the Eisbach River in Munich.
  • Patented technology creates deep water in front and behind for a natural wave shape with a perfect glassy surface.
  • Unlike the “sheet wave” pools at water parks or on cruise ships, Wai Kai Wave is an authentic surf experience.

Wai Kai Wave Closeup
Drawing of a wave
  • A variety of waves can be offered by changing the water volume from the 22 high-power pumps and adjusting the sub-surface foils to create waves “on-demand.” This includes the ablity to create breaking sections for attacking the lip or practicing airs.
  • 10-12 surfers per channel at a time. Drop in when it’s your turn.
  • The 100-foot wide wave can operate with retractable pool dividers to create 1, 2 or 3 channels of surf action to run contests, create a variety of waves for varying skill levels and have over 30 people per hour surfing.
  • Safety: The entire surfpool is padded with a special foam for safety. Helmets will be provided to kids and first timers. When a surfer falls or decides to take a break, they get pushed out into a 4-foot deep area of water behind the surf zone of the wave and exit the pool from the back. Then, jump back in line for another turn.
  •  Nearly anyone can learn: Beginners can hang onto a grab-bar. It’s like holding onto a railing, which accelerates the learning curve.
  • The surfing market is expected to grow worldwide, in part because of access to new facilities like the Wai Kai Wave, and is considered to be one of today’s leading aspirational and most popular sports.
Summer adventure with my girlfriends

The LineUp Social Hub

  • The LookOut bar and restaurant will provide front row viewing of the action at the Wai Kai Wave with a 6,000 sq.ft. lanai and 4,000 sq.ft surf-side decks along with daily entertainment and more, while the Foam Coffee & Bar will sit overlooking the Wai Kai Lagoon.
  • Sessions Lifestyle & Apparel shop will be fashioned on the modern Hawaii waterman lifestyle and will feature a curated collection of brands that represent a soulful and sustainable connection to the ocean lifestyle cherished by the waterman community.
  • Events, Competitions and Programming at The LineUp will host athletes, families and visitors, with surf clubs, world-class surf competitions, social paddles, camps for kids and teens. Special Services and Amenities, such as VIP Cabanas with access to the air-conditioned VIP lounge & lockers complete with access to the lagoon, membership programs and kamaaina discounts, digital paperless and cashless payment RFID wristband system for guest check-in and convenience.

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